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Windows TV Boxen/Sticks / Media Center / Mini PC

Windows TV boxes - Windows 10 TV Box / Media center / PC Mini / Micro PC


It's finally here. The Windows TV boxes coming. They put the pressure on the Android TV Boxes.




Windows 10 with Bing


After Android TV boxes to finally get the first Windows TV boxes on the market. This TV boxes are controlled by Windows 10 with Bing. So you're using Windows 10 on offer on your big TV!



What Does Windows 10 with Bing?


Windows 10 with Bing can not be ordered separately. It comes only on a device.
Windows 10 with Bing is ultimately just another version of Windows 10 only, the "Bing" version designed for low-priced items. The version with Bing comes standard with Bing as search engine in Internet Explorer.

The good news is that there is actually no difference between Windows 10 and Windows 10 with Bing for users. In the past, cheaper versions of Windows is limited, that is not so.

To change Windows 10 with Bing to "Windows 10 without Bing," you only need to change the default search engine. You're also just free to use another browser.

Windows 10 has no restrictions for you!






XBMC / Kodi


A very big advantage is that XBMC / Kodi really running well on this TV Box. Kodi is the new name for XBMC. XBMC is ultimately as first developed for Windows. How to install everything at the bottom of this page!







Intel Baytrail T Z3735F and Z3736F System on a Chip (SoC)


This Windows TV boxes are equipped with the Intel Atom Z3735F or Z3736F Soc. The difference between these two is that the clock of the turbo Z3735F to a maximum of 1.83 Ghz clocks and the clocks Z3736F a maximum of 2.16 Ghz.




Intel HD Graphics







eMMC Storage


By default, the Z3735F and Z3736F Soc have based windows boxes 32GB eMMC storage. There are now even 64 GB ROM versions are available. This we also offer on our web shop. For example: Pipo X9






DDR3L RAM Memory


With a RAM of 2GB DDR3L you effortlessly most programs can use.



Windows 10 with Bing Consumer Review:



XBMC / Kodi Install

First, download the Windows version of Kodi / XBMC on your device.

Download Page XBMC / Kodi

Once you've installed XBMC / Kodi on your device, you will not Addons. The addons do you need to be able to stream media from the Internet. How to get the best Addons to use in your XBMC / Kodi?

You download this repository.

How to install the TV Addons?

Once you have downloaded it via your PC then put the Config Wizard repository (zip file) on a USB stick. Do this USB stick into your device.
Once you have downloaded it off the stick remember the download location.

The steps with detailed instructions to set up everything.

Install XBMC / Kodi.

Click System.

Click Appearance.

Click International.

Change the language in Dutch (wait till you see it change).

Click on back (1 x).

Click Video.

Click Subtitle.

Languages ​​to download subtitles turn you into Dutch.

Click on back (1 x).

Click Add-ons.

Click Add-ons downloaded.

Click All add-ons.

Click Ondertitelscraper.

Click OpenSubtitels.org.


Click 4 times on back.

Click Add-ons install using zip file.

Choose the location where you saved the Config Wizard repository (eg USB_DISK).

Now install the Config Wizard repository.

Then keep pressing it until you're back on the Home screen of XBMC.

Choose Programs.

Click Programs add-ons.

Click Config Wizard.

Click the version for Android.

Allow the program to install completely.

Ready. You now have all TVADDONS.



Which Windows TV boxes are currently available?


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