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Ugoos UM3 1.8GHz Quad Core CPU / 2GB RAM / 8GB ROM / 2 x USB TV Stick Android / Mini PC / Android Stick
Kodi (XBMC)
USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
Flymouse / Keyboard
Micro SD Card
LAN / UTP (RJ-45) Cable
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- Model
- CPU (Processor)
Rockchip 1.8 Ghz RK3288 Quadcore
- GPU (Graphics Processor)
Mali-T764 16 cores each max. 600 Mhz
- Android OS (Operating System)
Android version: 4.4 Kitkat
- RAM (Memory)
- ROM (Flash Memory / Storage)
8GB Nand Flash
- Expandable Memory / Storage SD / TF card
Micro SD card < 32GB
- Ethernet connection RJ45
- WiFi
802.11 b / g / n / a / c
- Bluetooth
- DLNA (Airplay)
- Support XBMC/KODI
- Google Play Store
- Internet
Yes, you can create your own browser using the Google Play Store Download
- Video
MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4,H.263, H.264, AVS, VC-1, RV, VP6/VP8, Sorenson Spark, MVC, H.264,H.265,VP8,MVC(1080P). 4Kx2K ( 3840*2160)
- Audio Format
- Image Format
JPG、JPEG、BMP、GIF、PNG、JFIF, Etc, Resolutie tot 8176 x 8176 px
- Languages
English + Multiple languages
- Firmware Update
- On / Off Switch
- Ports
HDMI out, 2 x USB, Micro SD/TF , DC
- HDMI Interface
- Adapter
5v 3000 Mah
- Includes Remote Control
- Accessories
USB Cable, Remote, Charger, User Manual, HDMI Cable
- Guarantee
Yes, 1 year

Ugoos UM3 1.8GHz Quad Core RK3288 Android 5.1 TV Stick / 2GB RAM / 8GB ROM Mini PC / Android Stick + Standard Remote.

IN STOCK. DIRECTLY AVAILABLE. Now with free Ugoos Gigabit Ethernet adapter.

In almost every android TV box is a standard IR remote. This is very short and you can not enjoy the maximum potential of android by this "simple" remote. We therefore recommend to make use of a flymouse and or keyboard. If flymouse we recommend the Rii I7 to. If Flymouse / Keyboard we recommend Mele F10 Deluxe and MX3 on. Would you prefer a touchpad. Then we recommend the Rii K12 or Rii Mini I8 to.


FireFly Remote app Firefly android warehouse

This app allows you to control your androidbox with your smartphone. The app works great and has many advantages, which is why we want to put this app in the spotlight.

You can install the app on your phone by going to the UT3S to Settings> WiFi Remote app and scan the QR code, this can be done by a QR app like QR Droid. Install the app.

Now go to Settings> Ugoos Settings> Enable Wi-Fi remote control. This allows you make it possible to control the androidbox with a smartphone. When you go to the app on your smartphone, select the Device connection for UT3S. you are connected.

It is also to mirror casting possible with this app, you can stream videos from your smartphone to your TV. This app makes it very easy.

Below are some screenshots of the application:

Firefly UI gamepad android warehouse

Firefly gestures direction android warehouse

Firefly numbers touchpad android warehouse

Ugoos special settings in Android

Ugoos has created additional opportunities in Android. Hence you may have additional options such as:

  • Android You can set the CPU load / RAM memory and temperature is displayed on your desktop.
  • You can choose which apps to install. You can assign this location.
  • You can easily turn on or off the root of the device.
  • You can rotate the screen, for example, use portrait mode. Ideal for Narrowcast / Digital Signage projects.
  • Auto Start / Auto Power: The box starts when you connect it to the mains. You need to press a power button.

OTA Updates

The UM3 comes with the latest firmware. This firmware supports OTA (over the Internet and automatic) updates. From now on you will always have the latest firmware on your android TV box. Updating via a PC now belongs to the past!

At this time, it is possible to convert dual boot firmware on your Ugoos UT3. You can now choose between two operating systems. Namely Android or Ubuntu Linux. See Youtube movie at the bottom.

You can easily switch between the two operating systems. Linux does require a keyboard.

The dualboot Firmware can HERE download.
Additional charge, we can put that dualboot firmware for you on this box.

Which streaming services work well on this android TV stick?

XBMC / Kodi





The Ugoos UM3 has a female HDMI input / input instead of a male HDMI output (which have substantially the most android sticks with the exception of the Minix Neo G4 ) this android stick is actually a mini androidbox .

Ugoos's been quite a long time working on the development of android sticks as the UM2 , QC802 , MK809II , UG802B and UG007B . For some time they are really to break through the popularity of the Ugoos UM2. Ugoos now comes with the UM3, an android stick with not one, but two full USB ports (as previously attended the UM2). Something that has no other brand in terms of android stick.

The supplied (free) remote control works well and because it is quite brief, we still recommend a real Flymouse / Airmouse when you want to make the most of the android stick. The best / most sold flymousen / keyboards are: Mele F10 , Rii K12 and Rii Mini I8 +

System on a Chip

The Ugoos UM3 has known RK3288 Rockchip SoC . The SoC includes the ARM Cortex A17 quad core processor which is geclockt at 2.0GHz. The RK3288 gets a heatsink / cooling element (just like its bigger brother the Ugoos UT3 ) that will not overheat the RK3288. The lifespan and performance will thus be improved considerably. ARM is always more popular in the chipmaker world because of their good value for money. Severe actions are therefore no problem for this Android Stick. Playing videos also will be great. The UM3 is in fact equipped with the Mali-T764 GPU Cores 16 , which include 4K UHD 3D can play, but also 1080p, 720p and lower. The GPU supports OpenGL® ES 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 OpenCL ™ 1.1
DirectX® 11 Render Script ™.

The UM3 is equipped with NEON technology, allowing multiple video formats are supported than products without this technology. Thanks to the Hardware acceleration is possible, among other stream. You can do this for example with XBMC . Also Youtube , Netflix , Horizon Go and HBO Go make use of streaming.


In terms of memory (2GB DDR3 RAM) is able to compete with the UM3 the best android sticks. You'll notice that serious operations are no problem for this stick. Multiple app simultaneously run is something the UM3 has no qualms.


The internal storage 8GB Nand Flash is enough for many application programs. To expand the storage you can use a Micro SD up to 32GB.

Operating system

The Ugoos UM3 is equipped with the latest Android operating system, namely Android 4.4.2. The operating system is very stable and will include the latest smartphones used as the Samsung Galaxy S5 or HTC One (M8). Of course you get by Android access to the Google Play Store, offering you thousands of free app's can download, games like Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Wordfeud or HQ games like Shadowgun or Modern Combat 4 to app like Chrome, YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, Picasa, MX Player, you name it.


The UM3 has something lacking other android sticks: two full USB ports. Many sticks have one USB port, so you can only connect a Flymouse or something like that, then you need a USB hub if you want to connect multiple devices. In UM3 you can Flymouse for example to connect a camera without using a USB hub. Furthermore, it is to connect the UM3 via the HDMI, there is a slot available for Micro SD card, and a port for connecting to the adapter. Thanks to the IR port through which the remote control can be connected to an IR cable there is a better range.

What's in the box?

In the box you get the UGOOS UM3 RK3288, a remote control, a 5V 3000 Mah adapter, USB 2.0 cable for data, HDMI extension cable, an IR extension extending the reach of the remote control is better and an English manual.

Ugoos UT3 / UM3 RK3288 - With optional Dual Drill 14:10 Ubuntu Linux and Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

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Glenly 13-05-2016
"Gebruik de stick voor digital signage. Ugoos heeft een ingebouwde screen rotation wat voor mij een pluspunt was. Doet perfect waar ik hem voor aangeschaft heb"
Lennart 19-12-2014
"ERG fijne stick, doordat de stick zo klein en licht is heb ik deze met dubbelzijdig tape achter op de tv geplakt. Tot nu werkt alles wat nodig heb."
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