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Once you have purchased an Android Stick / Box you are naturally curious about what this is all possible, you will be more convenient and always want more options. There are more than 700,000 App's download. Constantly growing in the Google Play Store Of course you will not all use them, but how do you know which one to choose?

Most Android Sticks / Boxes / Mini PCs have been a number of standard app installed. Yet we put the Must-have app for you here.

Chrome logo

Google Chrome

A good browser is very important. Chrome is clear, user-friendly, but most importantly very quickly. Chrome is probably the fastest browser available. You can also log in to the Chrome browser, so you can stick your syncs your Chrome browser to your smartphone, tablet and PC.

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XBMC logo


XBMC is a media player with enormous potential. Allows you to include browse through your favorite movies and music. You can also stream online with this player. For more information, please   our XBMC contact information page. XBMC is still downloading. In the App store

There are two popular versions, namely:

XBMC 12.2 - Frodo. This is the latest official XBMC version

XBMC 12.2 Banner

XBMC 13.0 - Gotham. This is not yet officially released XBMC version.

XBMC 13.0 Banner

XBMC Minix. XBMC optimized for Minix devices.

XBMC Minix

Advanced Task Killer

Advanced Task Killer

The name says it all: Task Killer, an app that already 'kill' your outstanding App's. Once you open some app's, they will often keep running. After closing in the background This is the working memory (RAM) in charge. This in turn ensures that your drive is slower. You might choose to App's to close manually but why bother when it can be easy? With Advanced Task Killer, you can close once all your App's. You can also select which to close.'s App automatically or not self-

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wifi analyzer logo

WiFi Analyzer

With this App you can see you and your neighbors sit on the WiFi channel. Useful to find which channel is least busy, so you get the best out of your WiFi connection gets out. For more info about Wifi look here.

WiFi Analyzer button

UPnP Media House

Media House UPnP / DLNA browser (AirPlay)

With this app you can make your videos, music, movies, photos, you name it streaming from your PC, tablet or smartphone! The app scans your home network to identify. Other devices with DLNA

This is the most common UPnP / DLNA app from the Google Play Store and is sometimes default on some sticks / boxes. If you have not yet, the app you can download it below.

Media House Banner

MX Player

MX Player

If you play a lot of media, you obviously need. Powerful media player MX Player is a versatile player that plays almost every format. The new MX player also supports Hardware Decoding, this acceleration can use more videos. Hardware

MX Player is the MediaPlayer the Google App Store. Most common

MX player banner

Amo Navi X

Amo Navi-X

Navi-X has recently launched a standalone app in the Google Play Store, called Amo Navi-X. Now Navi-X not only accessible via XBMC, but also through the Google Play Store! The app has all the features of XBMC Navi-X Add-on, but slightly better. Also, the app just slightly faster than in XBMC.

With Amo Navi-X allows you to stream high-definition images with subtitles, something that is only possible with XBMC via a detour. The player who can be best used for Amo Navi-X is the MX player.

To make subtitles may use SubsLauncher.

Unfortunately Amo Navi X is no longer available.



SubsLauncher is an app that subtitles download and automatically synchronized with the film, so the subtitle is the same even if you flush. This is especially useful when using the Amo Navi-X app, it runs on the MX Player and cause no trouble playing subtitles for your favorite movies!

SubsLauncher button

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