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All over WiFi!

What is WiFi?

WiFi is a technology that makes it possible to transmit wirelessly. Data

Google TV / Android TV / HDMI Stick / Mini PCs are small and therefore have a relatively small antenna. This could lead to a less good or unstable WiFi reception. Other wireless devices so no need here to have. The distance between the router and Android Stick is therefore very important to keep in mind. Also make sure that there is as little as possible between these wireless devices are connected.

Android sticks / boxes can happen so therefore more sensitive.

Which android stick / box for the distance (no account of possibly confounding equipment and possibly crowded Wi-Fi channel..)

0-3 Baths: All Android Sticks / Android Boxes.

3-5 Baths: MK808B , Minix Neo X5 , Tronsmart T428 , Tronsmart MK908 , QC802 .

More than 5 Mtr: CX803 , CX-919 , iMito QX1 , MK888 , Minix Neo X7 , Ugoos UT1 .

Solutions for problems with your Android Stick / Android HDMI Box:

WiFi channel:

Almost all Android sticks 802.11n technology, which operates in the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz band. The bandwidth of the n version is at least 100 Mb / s, and can reach up to 540 Mb / s and b / g 54Mbps only. 802.11 b / g band (2.4 GHz) has been around since 2005 and is pretty dirty to hitting by neighbors and local residents. There is a chance that your neighbors on the same channel as you sit. Change channels or switch to an N router is one of the possibilities.

The 2.4GHz band is stipulated in the 13 frequencies which are very close to each other. The closer your frequency is that of your neighbors, the worse connection you'll need. With the PC program inSSIDer, you can see what frequency or channel you use and which are used in the area.

Above you see a screenshot of inSSIDer. You can see the orange and green channels are close together, they will interfere with each other. The intention is to look far enough from the other so that no interference can take place. Channel A channel you can use the web interface of your router setup.

InSSIDer is free to download.

InSSIDer Banner

The most widely used program for Android WiFi Analyzer.

WiFi Analyzer

This program displays the Wi-Fi channels around you and helps you to find another channel. Also, you can see how strong your signal or that of your neighbors. Through your router, you can set your channel.

WiFi Analyzer can be downloaded free.

WiFi Analyzer Button

What you can do even more:

  • Place the router in the center of your home.
  • Put possibly a WiFi repeater with.
  • Limit the distance from your router to your Android TV-stick/box/mini-PC
  • Put an antenna on your router. External antennas provide a much greater range.
  • Connect to your router via an Ethernet adapter and cable.

We sell USB Ethernet adapters and Android TV Boxes with an Ethernet port so you do not need to use a Wi-Fi connection, so you can reach your Android Stick / Androidbox. extremely high speeds This is particularly beneficial when you stream a lot of movies over the Internet. How stable the compound, the less the image will shock.

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